About Chicago Sleep Center

With over 30 years of experience and convenient locations throughout Chicago, Chicago Sleep Center is the leading provider of sleep healthcare in the Chicagoland area. Led by world-renowned physician Dr. Michael Friedman, Chicago Sleep Center has long been recognized as a national medical leader with a world-class team of sleep specialists, a commitment to cutting-edge treatments, and an innovative approach to treating sleep disorders in both adults and children. With its unique treatment collaboration between board-certified sleep specialists, ENTs, and dental sleep experts, Chicago Sleep Center sets a new standard of care in sleep medicine.

Why Chicago Sleep Center?

Chicago Sleep Center prides itself on providing patients with the most convenient care available. That’s why we offer a 24/7 appointment desk and 10 Chicagoland locations for the ultimate comprehensive care.

Chicago Sleep Center offers premier care:

  • Disordered Sleeping
  • Snoring
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Insomnia
  • Restless Legs
  • Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Chicago Sleep Center: A Center of Excellence

50 to 70 million Americans experience chronic sleep disorders, while millions more are sleep deprived, according to a report by the Institute of Medicine. The study demonstrates the connection between poor sleep and a variety of health issues. The most common two sleep disorders are insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) which together affect over 36 million people. Historically, two options were available to patients with OSA or who snored: CPAP therapy or invasive, painful surgery. These limited options are what prompted our specialists to not only pioneer non-invasive treatments but to open the Chicago Sleep Center.

Chicago Sleep Center is a comprehensive sleep medicine practice treating all major sleep disorders for both adults and children. Chicago Sleep Center is the first of its kind to treat with multi-discipline expertise and the only North Shore sleep facility with true start-to-finish care under one roof. Chicago Sleep Center provides diagnostic sleep studies and therapies including CPAP, BiPAP, oral appliances, non-invasive and invasive surgical sleep apnea treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, and treats a full spectrum of sleep disorders including restless leg syndrome, parasomnias, obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, circadian cycle sleep disorders, narcolepsy, hypersomnia, and periodic limb movement disorder.

Chicago Sleep Center’s patients receive a thorough initial consultation with a sleep physician followed by diagnostic testing as needed. Most sleep problems are indicative of chronic disorders, and at Chicago Sleep Center we embrace a chronic care model whereby all patients receive close, ongoing follow-up care. Our team includes pediatric and adult otolaryngologists, pediatric and adult sleep medicine physicians, a licensed clinical psychologist, a dental sleep expert, and a certified maternity and child sleep consultant. In short, we aim to set a new standard of care in sleep medicine and strive daily to live up to our name as a Center of Excellence.

  • Comprehensive treatment and evaluation of snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs, and other sleep disorders
  • The first center in the Chicago area with board-certified Sleep Specialists, Dental Sleep Expert, ENTs, and Psychologist collaboration for start-to-finish care
  • Adult and Pediatric Sleep Medicine
  • Pediatric Sleep Specialty Team
  • Testing provided for over 3,000 patients annually
  • 10 Chicagoland sleep center locations with luxurious hotel amenities
  • Office-based sleep studies for lower-cost care. In-home testing also available.
  • Alternative and non-invasive sleep apnea treatments available and may be covered when in-network
  • On-Site dentist for easy access to oral appliances
  • On-site CPAP availability


But Dr. Friedman Solves This Medical Mystery in Just One Appointment

“Dr. Friedman gave her back her childhood,” said Carolyn, mother of 12-year old Amanda from Illinois. Looking at her now, over 5 feet tall, with long golden brown hair and an easy smile, you’d never know she’d been through so much. You see, Carolyn’s only child had spent the majority of her childhood sick in bed, and in and out of hospitals and medical offices.

Traveling from doctor to doctor, taking test after test and trying one medication after another, it’s no wonder Carolyn gets emotional when talking about her daughter’s long and tedious medical journey. This medical nightmare began shortly after Amanda was born when she was diagnosed with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) at 5 months. For the next 3 years, Carolyn thought her daughter’s unrelenting sinus, allergy, and cold issues would finally disappear once her adenoids were removed at 3 years of age.

Unfortunately, that “simple” surgery left her daughter even weaker and sicker than before. And so this mother and daughter’s daily life continued as before, with Carolyn still researching doctors and therapies, hoping to discover why her little girl was in even worse shape, and feeding Amanda a daily regimen of steroids, antibiotics, and nose sprays. Over the next eight years, little Amanda developed even more health issues, including migraines so debilitating that she ended up in the emergency room 2 to 3 times a week for pain relief.

To make matters worse, doctors claimed Amanda’s pain was in her head. As the years passed, Amanda missed more school days than she attended, and she was noticeably absent from dance recitals, family events, school functions, and summer camp. She basically spent the first 11 years of her life feeling sick. One night, Carolyn was sitting at the kitchen table scouring the Internet and came across the name of a doctor she had never heard of: Dr. Michael Friedman.

Before we met Dr. Friedman, Amanda and I must have talked to at least 30 doctors.  All the ENT doctors we met were surgery-happy. But my husband and I both felt there was a piece of the puzzle that was missing.  And we couldn’t forget how sick our daughter became after her adenoid surgery.”

Carolyn knew Dr. Friedman was different from the minute she met him. “I brought Amanda’s full chart, complete with every cat scan and every test result.  Dr. Friedman took one look at this huge folder and then looked right at me and said, ‘Moms always know best. I want to hear what you think is going on with Amanda.’

“For the next two hours, he sat there and listened to me to review Amanda’s history.  When I finished he said, ‘I don’t think anything is wrong with her sinuses.  It’s something completely different.  An immune deficiency.’  I had never heard any doctor suggest that. He performed a simple blood test that day, got the results a little while later, and then set me up with his immunologist, Dr. Siddiqi, who took one look at the results and told us to stop all her medications and throw out the inhaler. She prescribed a single medication to strengthen her immune system.

“Just 3 months later, Amanda was like a different kid.  She had energy. Her dark under-eye circles were gone. And she felt great.” That’s when Carolyn’s eyes begin to well up with tears.  “Amanda didn’t miss one day of school last year. And she made the National Honor Society.”  Then she chuckles to herself as she recalls how, a few weeks ago, for the very first time her daughter Amanda had her first “normal” cold.  Her prescription? A big bowl of chicken soup.

Dr. Friedman Cures Seven-Year Cough Through an Accurate Diagnosis

“If it wasn’t for Dr. Friedman, I’d still be sick in bed today—coughing and drugged up on different medications. I’m sure of it.”

That’s how our patient “Mrs. G.” describes what her life would have been like if she hadn’t met Dr. Michael Friedman. After spending more than seven years living with an unrelenting cough, Mrs. G. felt more than just sick, she felt isolated from her friends, her family, and the world. She lived in fear that she’d begin coughing uncontrollably, which made her feel self-conscious and unable to enjoy herself. So she spent most of her days either home alone or seeking new remedies from a variety of different specialists all over Chicago.

Over the years, Mrs. G. tried almost a dozen different medications to get rid of an ongoing cough which she was told was caused by reflux. She even gave away her cat as one doctor convinced her that was all she needed to do. It didn’t work.

“Dr. Friedman was the only doctor who took the time to listen to me and actually run his own acid reflux test. It came back normal. I realized I’d wasted so many years taking strong opiates to cure a condition I never even had.”

Thanks to this single non-invasive test, her whole life changed. “As soon as he looked at my test results, he diagnosed me as having laryngopharyngeal reflux. He put me on a medication that was much safer than the opiates I was taking.

“I stopped coughing almost immediately.

“It felt almost too good to be true. I was no longer embarrassed to go out in public for fear I would break into a coughing fit. I no longer went through a bag of cough drops a day or walked around clutching a water bottle. And I could go to a restaurant with my friends and not be the one everyone’s staring at.

“I got my life back. It’s as simple as that.”

His snoring was so severe and his breathing so difficult, he thought CPAP was the only answer.

When our patient, “Mr. G.,” describes how he feels post-surgery, he can’t believe it himself.  For more than a decade, he suffered from sleep apnea that was so severe, he couldn’t sleep lying down on his bed unless he was surrounded and elevated by a pile of pillows. Unfortunately, his breathing problems didn’t end there.  He was usually tired during the day from waking up so much during the night, and he couldn’t eat without gasping for breath.

Mr. G. told us that his sleep apnea had affected his whole life.

“Over the years, I tried to so many doctors and they just told me the same thing: CPAP.  I tried it and it wasn’t comfortable for me so I never really used it.  I thought I had no choice but to live like this forever.”

Fortunately, a friend convinced him to see Dr. Michael Friedman. “I looked him up on the Internet and was really impressed with what I read.  His credentials were amazing; everyone agreed he was the go-to guy for snoring.  Nurses, patients, even other doctors all agree that Dr. Friedman is the best.

“My wife and I had tons of questions. He answered each one—didn’t rush us one bit.  He has a quiet confidence about him.  It put me right at ease.”

After Mr. G. met with Dr. Friedman, the entire team at Chicago ENT got right to work that same afternoon.  With all the diagnostic testing performed on-site, Mr. G. went from specialist to specialist, taking the necessary tests and meeting with a number of doctors in the practice.  “The office was packed, but you’d never know it from the way they treated me.  I felt like I was the only patient there.”

And then he scheduled his surgery.  “I thought I’d be scared going into surgery, but Dr. Friedman and his whole team gave me such confidence about the procedure I was actually looking forward to it.

“The very next morning after my surgery, they removed my bandage and my breathing was completely normal.  I couldn’t believe it.”

Just a few weeks after surgery, Mr. G. still marvels at how different he feels.  “I’m sleeping less now, but so much sounder.  I wake up feeling like I should—rested and ready to go. My wife actually made sure I was breathing the first night I was home because I was so quiet.  She’d never heard me sleep so quietly.”

The Chicago Sleep Center’s comprehensive approach can help improve your sleep and your health. Make an appointment today, and put yourself on the road to a healthier, more rested you.