Dr. Michael Friedman

The finest thyroid surgeon bar none! I researched Doctors in Chicago and the rest of the US for over a year, as a professional singer it was beyond important to me to find the right surgeon to do my Thyroidectomy….I have worked with most of the biggest singers and producers of the past 20 years, and I called upon a lot of guys to get their opinion on who to go to….Most told me Robert Bastian for voice issues and vocal chord surgeries…but as far as Thyroid it seemed hands down Dr. Friedman is the ONLY choice. I literally put my career in his hands and I have this to report…5 hours after surgery in which he removed a grapefruit sized tumor that had been in my neck I was sitting up and talking normally!!! One day later and I have nearly no pain, and besides the huge incision (remember he pulled out a grapefruit sized tumor) I am fine!!! He was interested, concerned and his attention to detail in my case was exemplary….he knew I was a singer and even called in his top gun anesthesiologist to make sure my airway was not damaged….I will be returning for my follow up Monday to get stitches removed and to shake the hand of the finest ENT there is…Thank you Dr. Friedman….”

As an Airline Pilot who has been struggling with sleep apnea, I’m so glad I found Chicago ENT. Way more progress than the wasted time at Mayo. Thankfully I have been able
To recommend them to numerous other pilots and they too are so glad they switched to Dr Friedman and Dr Venkatesan. This is the place to go. They are the masters of this stuff.”

Dr. Irina Trosman

Claire Kenneally is my usual sleep doctor but I saw Irina Trosman in her absence. I found Dr. Trosman extremely professional, courteous, and thorough. I highly recommend both doctors! Thank you very much!”

Dr. Kathryn Colman

“Dr. Colman was great while working with my 1 year old daughter. She was very kind and patient. She took time to answer my questions thoroughly and honestly. The office was efficient with minimal wait time before seeing the doctor.

Chicago ENT

I would highly recommend this practice. I found the reception staff friendly and efficient and the waiting area peaceful and spacious. The nurses and doctors were all kind, thorough, and knowledgeable. I felt heard as I explained why I was there, comfortable during the exam, and was grateful that I was able to make a follow-up appointment for only days later. My experience at Chicago ENT was wonderful, and I certainly recommend it.”